Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023)

The Influence of Implementing the Show and Tell Method on the Speaking Abilities of Children at PAUD Ceria Sabena Kids II Aceh Besar

Lina Amelia
UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh
Raihana Fitri
Program Studi PIAUD Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh
Cover Vol 1, No 2

Published 30-11-2023


  • show and tell method,
  • speaking ability,
  • children


Based on the results of initial observations carried out at PAUD Ceria Sabena Kids II Aceh Besar, it was discovered that the speaking abilities of group B children at PAUD Ceria Sabena Kids II had not developed, as indicated by 10 out of 26 children having difficulty answering the teacher's questions regarding previous learning. Children still stammer in answering questions asked by their peers, are not involved in conversations that take place during learning and tend not to like making friends. For example, when the teacher asks about the activities that the child has just done, and when answering the question, the children have difficulty composing the words that the child will say. The research aimed to determine whether there was an effect of applying the show-and-tell method on the speaking abilities of group B children at PAUD Ceria Sabena kids II AcehBig. Using quantitative type with experimental research design method, one group pretest-posttest design, total population of 46 children, the sample of 26 children using a purposive sampling technique. The research results obtained pre-test and post-test scores. In the pretest class, the score was 61.50, the post-test was 71.50%, and the significance value (Sig) obtained for the normality test in the pretest was 0.051 > 0.05. In the posttest, 0.008 > 0, 05 can be stated that the second data is normally distributed. As well as obtaining the t value-count > t table, it 5 > 1.3311. Thus, there is the rejection of Ho and acceptance of Ha, which means that there is an influence of the application of the show and tell method on the speaking ability of group B children at PAUD Ceria Sabena kids II Aceh Besar