Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023)

LKPD Development Based on SETS Learning Approach to The Chemical Reaction Rate

Rusdatul Hamaliyah
Universitas Samudra
Mauliza Mauliza
Universitas Samudra
Coryna Oktaviani
Universitas Samudra
Cover Vol 1, No 2

Published 30-11-2023


  • LKPD,
  • reaction rate,
  • SETS


The purpose of this study is to develop Student Worksheets based on Science, Environment, Technology and Society (SETS) to increase student learning motivation that is valid, practical and effective to use. This research uses Research and Development (R&D) research methods with development models at the stages of analysis, design and development. The instruments in this study were 2 material expert lecturers and 2 media expert lecturers, 6 educators and 45 students at public high schools in Langsa City. Data collection was carried out by providing validation sheets to expert lecturers and chemistry teachers to assess the feasibility and practicality of the product as well as student response questionnaires. The feasibility of SETS-based LKPD products is viewed using Likert scale. The results of this study are known that the feasibility of material experts obtained an average Aiken's score of 0.84 with a very high category, the media validation assessment obtained an average Aiken's V value of 0.86 with a very high category, the practicality assessment obtained an average percentage of 93% with the very practical category, the response of students obtained an average percentage value of 90% with the category of strongly agree. Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that SETS-based LKPD is feasible to be developed as teaching material on reaction rate materials.